Krone Controlling: Staff with solid work experience

Krone Controlling is a financial management consultancy established in 2016. Led by Christian Krone, an economist with 20 years of international development experience, the company provides expert CFO services, project development and implementation, budgeting, controlling, financial analyses, and auditing. With a focus on compliance, anti-corruption, and programme closure, Krone Controlling delivers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Krone’s extensive knowledge of accounting and auditing standards, combined with his solid track record of successful project outcomes, ensures that his clients receive the best possible financial management solutions. Krone Controlling is committed to meeting client needs and delivering exceptional service. 

Christian Krone

Christian Krone is an economist with 20 years of international development experience, has held key financial management positions, and is currently consultant and owner of Krone Controlling. 

Has carried out 100+ monitoring/review missions to Danida grant recipients in Denmark and Danida priority countries with focus on financial management setups, due diligence, voucher reviews, fund transfer procedures and all other financial management elements. Expert knowledge of accounting and auditing standards. 

Expert knowledge and understanding of AMG guidelines, systems and requirements – previously an author of many of the AMG guidelines. 

Chief Financial Officer at MFA with solid hands-on operational expertise in operating financial management systems including due diligence, transfer of funds to implementing partners and monitoring financial reporting and audits. Years of experience in providing capacity building on these elements to new MFA staff. 

Education and certifications